Real Estate Services

Sales Transactions


Our company commits to proactively working every property we have the privilege of listing. We are not content putting a sign up at your property and waiting for the right person to see it. Instead, we employ a “team-based approach” to brokerage where our entire brokerage team will be fully engaged in the canvassing and research of buyers. This ensures that our sellers attain a well-priced contract in a timely manner.


When looking for a space to purchase for your organization, you have particular objectives you need to accomplish. Our client-focused approach will help you determine the ideal property for your company. Once your goals are established, we will canvas the market and solicit off-market opportunities in order to present you with a wide range of possible properties for you. Our comprehensive approach helps give our buyers the utmost confidence as they advance through the acquisition process.



Our market knowledge and our diligent prospecting helps landlord’s achieve a well-priced lease in a timely manner. We work with you to determine the ideal tenant and actively reach out to those individuals or companies to achieve maximum value for the owner.


Our client-focused resources provide the necessary tools that assist tenants in successfully navigating each commercial real estate transaction. Every tenant has company specific objectives that affect various aspects of the leasing process. Jordan Real Estate analytical approach helps each tenant understand existing real estate goals as a critical step in acquiring the right space for their business.

Consulting & Advisory Services

Consulting Services

  • Real estate trends by industry and asset class
  • User need analysis and strategic occupancy execution
  • Market and location analysis: Due Diligence reports, comparative location analysis, market studies
  • Financial/Investment analysis: financial impact of a Lease, Purchase, Sale, Joint-Venture, or Development
  • Asset and/or Portfolio valuation: Asset Opinions of Value, investment value, raw land valuation

Development Advisory Services

A real estate solution for many tenants is the development of a new location to suit the specific needs and functions of your company. Our strategic relationships with developers, architects, contractors, property managers and property investors enable our firm to assist tenants in making this dream a reality.  We can provide turn-key solutions in every phase of the development process including: user need analysis, location and market analysis, design consulting, pre-construction services, development management, property management and ultimately delivering a final space ready for occupancy.